Offsite events require an extra level of TLC. As each event is unique, we quote on a case-by-case basis.

In order to give you an M-Events experience that blows you away and keeps the guests talking for years to come, we recommend starting with a budget of minimum $150 per head.

If this isn’t in line with your budget, please click here to view another amazing alternative. If you want to learn more about our minimum pricing and packages click here

The M Events Team

Kristian Klein - M-Events

Kristian Klein

About Kristian:

Kristian Klein, a hospitality virtuoso, launched Melbourne's Mr. Miyagi in 2013 with no prior experience and turned it into a culinary landmark.

His knack for knowing what diners want has since led him to master major events like the Australian Open and F1 Grand Prix, alongside private functions from cozy dinners to lavish 200+ guest weddings. Klein embodies innovation and passion in every venture, solidifying his reputation in the hospitality scene.
Brett Parker - M-Events

Brett Parker

About Brett:

Brett Parker: The man with a passion for both luxury hotels and parking lots! 

Once upon a time, Brett was the master of swanky hotelsuites, known for his impeccable service and his uncanny ability to fold toiletpaper into perfect little triangles. But then, a revelation struck! He had an epiphany while guiding a Bentley into a hotel car park – the sweet scent of sushi was calling his name louder than the honking horns of city traffic!